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 To achieve excellence in the studies of Pali, Sanskrit, Sinhala, and other oriental languages, and to support students’ aspirations to gain a deeper knowledge of these languages in Sri Lanka and around the world.


As the first attempt in the process of organizing and conducting the systematic educations in oriental studies, which is the primary objective of the Society the Pracheena First (later Pracheena preliminary) examination was held in October 1903 the Madhyama Examination in 1905 and the Final Examination in 1909, based on a new syllabus. The name of Ven. Vidurupola Piyatissa Nayaka Thero has been recorded as the first individual who passed the Final Examination and obtained the Pandit Degree. The Ven. Priest had applied as a candidate of Parama Dhamma Chetiya Pirivena, Ratmalana and appeared for the examination in year 1910.

Upcoming Events

The Oriental Studies Society of Sri Lanka will be completing 108 years of its Glorious National Service as on 24th July of 2010.



Thus the Oriental Studies Society of Sri Lanka was established as a State Institution, controlled by the Department of Education for the purpose of improving Piriven Educational Institutions and the educational system leading to language studies implemented within them under state sponsorship.

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